PowerShell Automation Workshop


Once you’ve achieved a basic competency in PowerShell, such as: you know how cmdlets work in the pipeline, you have embraced the object nature of the shell, or you are ready to automate; Isn’t that the reason you learned PowerShell in the first place? PowerShell automation runs across a spectrum and there is just one thing for every situation!

In this FULL DAY demo-driven session led by, long time PowerShell experts and teachers. You’ll learn how to put your PowerShell skills to practical use through a number of automation techniques with Jeff Hicks and Jason Helmick.

We’ll look at:


* Controller Scripts
* Creating Advanced Functions
* Packaging Functions into Modules
* Leveraging PowerShell Jobs and Tasks
* PowerShell Workflow
* Desired State Configuration
* Plus More *

By the end of the day, your head will be spinning with so many automation possibilities that you’ll be eager to get back to work on Monday!