Mark Murphy

  • Mark Murphy

A detail-focused, multi-credentialed leader with M.S. in Information Technology who offers experience in Security Consulting / Analysis, Network Security, Incident Response, Security Monitoring Technologies, Investigations, Research, and Incident Testing.

Recipient of SANS Lethal Forensicate Coin, which demonstrates an ability to detect and eradicate advanced threats in organizations.

A trained professional who excels at continually researching security-related issues and leveraging experience with diverse technologies to secure networks and optimize client satisfaction.

Excellent communicator who applies critical thinking skills to make sound decisions to reflect positively on IT / operational well-being in alignment with a client’s and/or company’s vision, value, and goals.

Ambitious self-starter who uses sharp organizational, management, technical, and interpersonal relations skills to work within dynamic environments to align IT solutions with client needs for maximum success. Currently working as a Customer Success Manager at Cyderes, a cybersecurity firm specializing in cyber incident response and investigations.