James Petty

I currently serve as the CEO of the DevOps Collective INC, a nonprofit working in the technology education space. I Help manage a $1M+ annual budget that includes multiple conferences and PowerShell Saturdays events across the US. The nonprofit is focused on PowerShell, automation, and DevOps, and also runs numerous free online resources including PowerShell.org. I joined the DevOps collective board in April of 2018 as the volunteer CFO and in became the CEO in July of 2019.

I am also a solutions architect for Wyre Technologies specializing in Windows Server, Azure and PowerShell.

I am the lead author for the 4th edition of Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches (Manning 2022), released in February 2022

My passion lies with automation using PowerShell and all things Windows Server related and with almost a decade of experience as an infrastructure admin for a large enterprise helping to manage thousands of users and machines I have knowledge of a broad range of products, from patch management, Active Directory, Group Policy, and the Windows Server operating system and much more.